Strathmere Switchgrass for Sale

From our land to yours, our switchgrass is available for sale in two sizes!

A great solution for mulching gardens/fields and bedding your livestock.

Keep you barn warm and dry,
especially during milking, calving, lambing, kidding, etc.

In the field, suppress weeds, conserve moisture and build organic matter.

Additional benefits of switchgrass straw include…

– Smaller, stronger “tube” stem gives better insulation than wheat.
– Higher carbon content means better absorbancy and slower decomposition.
– Less slippery than other straws so animals don’t get hurt.
– Fewer weed seeds than hay or straw.
– Does not mat to form impenetrable cakes.
– A native perennial prairie grass.
– Perennial means deep roots that sequester carbon instead of releasing carbon through tillage.
– Perennial without tillage also means less evapouration and erosion, and more soil structure, water retention, organic matter, etc.
– Late fall harvest allows grassland nesting birds such as Bobolinks to fledge and leave the nest before harvest.
– Does not require fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides.
– Does not get a chemical burn down before harvest.
– Suitable for organic systems.

Available in two sizes for pickup at Strathmere On Sunday May 26th 12pm-3pm and Monday May 27th 3pm-6pm, 2024, once purchased online.