Strathmere Wedding Tools

Following is additional information that will help to guide you as you plan for your special day. Submitting Checklists B and C on time will also greatly assist Strathmere to learn important information as we prepare.

Venue Virtual Tours
The Farmhouse: 3D Tour
The Lodge: 3D Tour 
The Garden House: 3D Tour

Wedding in Season Packages:

Other Packages:
Wedding for Every Season
Gala Cocktail

Daylight Romance

Drinks & Other Things 2022 for getting ready food, rehearsal dinners, optional package upgrades and more. Please stay tuned for more updates to this document.

Update to Initial Wedding Details (formerly Checklist B) – Please submit 4 months prior to the wedding day

Checklist for Final Details (formerly Checklist C) – to be submitted 6 weeks in advance of the wedding day and prior to meeting with your Wedding Coordinator.

Sample Floor Plans:
Sample with 54 seats
Sample with 62 Seats
Sample Max Set – 8 Rounds
Sample Long Tables
Sample Gala Cocktail

Round Tables with 98 Seats on Main Level
Round Tables with 148 Seats on Main Level
Round Tables with U-Shape Head Table 96 Seats on Main Level
Round Tables with U-Shape Head Table 146 Seats on Main Level
Round and Long Tables with 94 Seats on Main Level
Round and Long Tables with 154 Seats on Main Level

Sample with 100 Seats + Head
Sample with 112 Seats + Head
Sample with 142 Seats + Head
Sample with 174 Seats + Head

We have no new updates for our upcoming wedding season yet. There is an indication that the rules will relax by March 14/22, however, we have nothing to confirm for you until further details are released. Here is the
COVID-19 link we use to check on the rules – Strathmere complies with “Meetings and Events” guidelines.  We are not provided with any special information – we learn as you learn so please feel free to check this link from time to time if you are looking for updates.  Typically, announcements are made on the news channels and at the point when we have information on the upcoming wedding season, we will post it here. 

Our 2022 Decorating Information. A copy of the Decorating Policy should be given to the person(s) responsible for any additional decorating you may be doing; it is particularly important to make them aware of these policies during the planning of decorations. 

Strathmere’s Referral List for other wedding services you may require.  Please note, these are simply suggestions of suppliers who are familiar with Strathmere; with the exception of linen and furniture, you are most welcome to use any supplier of your choice.

Note: Strathmere no longer rents projectors. If you are planning to have a slideshow, most DJs take care of this and are very good to help if technical difficulties arise. The projection screen is available at no charge.

The Master of Ceremony Guidelines.

Strathmere’s House Policy on the Service of Alcohol