Strathmere Wedding Tools

Following is additional information that will help to guide you as you plan for your special day. Submitting Checklists B and C on time will also greatly assist Strathmere to learn important information as we prepare.



  • A “Wedding Day Countdown” of checklists (Checklist A, Checklist B, and Checklist C).  Would you kindly submit each Checklist on time as they do help us greatly with our planning process.
  • Our Decorating Information 2019. A copy of the Decorating Policy should be given to the person(s) responsible for any additional decorating you may be doing; it is particularly important to make them aware of these policies during the planning of decorations.


  • Strathmere’s Wedding Referral List for other wedding services you may require.  Please note, these are simply suggestions of suppliers who are familiar with Strathmere; with the exception of linen and furniture, you are most welcome to use any supplier of your choice.



  • Our Calendar of Events. Join us for another special occasion at one of our upcoming events.