Getting-Ready Options

Your complimentary overnight room will be ready by 2pm on the wedding day.

If you wish to arrive earlier, we have the following options:

Option 1: Use of the Lounge in your Venue

From Noon to 2pm, you can reserve complimentary access while waiting for your overnight room to be ready.  The following policies apply:

  • It must be vacated, along with all personal items, no later than 2pm so we can clean and prepare for your wedding celebrations.
  • No personal food or alcohol is permitted in the Lounge; it is a licensed room. Please refer to “More Food & Drink” for getting-ready food and beverages you can purchase in advance.
Option 2: Book a 2-Night Wedding Getaway

Arrive a day before the celebrations and receive $40 off your overnight stay!

Enjoy the on site amenities, book spa services, eat at the Retreat Cafe
(Note the Retreat and Spa and its Cafe are for guests 18 years and older).

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