Sustainable Development & Green Meetings

We are committed to minimizing the negative impact of our operations on the environment, and to supporting environmentally-friendly initiatives and ongoing action, thereby facilitating green meetings, through a focus on five key areas:

1. Waste Management
2. Water Usage
3. Energy Use
4. Human Resource Management
5. Partnering

It is the responsibility of all full-time, part-time and contract staff, under the direction of their managers and, overall, with leadership from the Vice-President of Facilities, to foster sustainable development at Strathmere, both generally and in the following specific ways:

Waste Management

  • To separate recyclable material, for collection. This includes glass, metal, plastic, cardboard (broken down) and fine paper; there are clearly-marked containers to facilitate this separation outside each of the Inn, Lodge and Garden House.
  • To compost all organic waste, for use in our organic garden; compost containers are in the Lodge kitchen where the bulk of the food is prepared.
  • To minimize the use of paper by, for example, sending out RFIs and promotional material electronically and keeping our files in electronic form for easy access across
    our network. There are also recycle bins in overnight rooms and meeting rooms.
  • To regularly donate surplus supplies to local charities.
  • To only use dishes, cutlery and linen that are reusable.
  • To eliminate the use of individual toiletries with the installation of bulk toiletry dispensers.
  • To install a salt pool filtering system, which eliminates the need for chlorine.

Water Usage

  • To ensure that water-saving equipment and devices are purchased when we replace fixtures including toilets, faucets, showerheads and appliances.
  • To avoid running water for periods of time, unnecessarily (e.g. fill the sink rather than let it run).
  • When running the dishwasher, filling the load rather than several partial loads.
  • To report and ensure immediate repair of all leaks in fixtures, across all seven of our buildings and including outside hoses and other water outlets.
  • In the case of the Facilities Department, to retrofit toilets, urinals, showers and faucets to reduce water use.

Energy Use

  • To be constantly vigilant concerning the optimum use of energy in our facilities, including the implementation of all approved recommendations emerging from energy audits, and through regular attention to shutting down unused lighting as early as possible.  Such lighting includes outdoor lighting not required for guests or ambience for particular events, turning off all lighting during close-down of buildings, and turning off mini-lighting not required following event closing.
  • Being aware of back-up heating and air conditioning to ensure it is turned on in sufficient time to ensure the client(s) will be comfortable, but turned off as soon as no longer required.
  • To have all Meeting Coordinators, Event Managers and Closing Managers be especially vigilant in the optimum use of energy on an ongoing basis in relation to their respective events.
  • To purchase local food.
  • To grow our own organic vegetables and compost scraps within a few hundred feet of our kitchen.
  • To offer the energy-saving option of not having sheets and towels cleaned every day.
  • To use geothermal and air-source heating and cooling pumps for our main buildings.

Human Resource Management

  • To include environmental awareness as a component of all orientation and refresher training.
  • To incorporate assessments of the extent of environmentally-friendly behavior in managerial and staff appraisals


with such organizations as Tree Canada to improve the environmental footprint. For every meeting booked at Strathmere, a tree is planted.

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