The Honeybee Hive

The Superorganism that gives Liquid Gold and so much more, followed by a Honey of a Lunch

Grow! The Garden Workshop Series

Public interest in honeybees has skyrocketed over the past few years. Fear has changed to fascination, in part because honeybees are so mysterious, in part because their very existence may be under threat. Honey is a glorious sweetener, exhibiting subtle differences across seasons and regions. In this workshop, our grower Colin will introduce participants to the honeybee and the superorganism that is the beehive, including how we care for them. Participants will get to see first hand the different hive parts and how the bees work within it, including raising young and storing pollen and honey. Participants are encouraged to experience manipulating a beehive, but for those that prefer to just stand back and watch, that is fine too. But no doubt, everyone will enjoy participating in extracting honey and bringing a jar home!

To end the workshop, we will share “A Seasonal Taste of Honey” lunch at The Retreat Café prepared by our Executive Chef!

Note: This workshop is designed for people who are honeybee curious and want to have the experience of being up close and personal with honeybees, as well as enjoying a great meal with like minded people. This workshop DOES NOT prepare anyone to become a beekeeper, though it might help you decide if you want to pursue beekeeping. There are several introductory beekeeping courses available in the region and we would be happy to bring these to participants’ attention.


9:00am – 12:30pm
Tuesday July 30th

Cost: $75 + HST