The MY DAY Experience is…

Calling all Gals, time to Celebrate, Renew and Grow! A Special Day just for You at The Retreat at Strathmere.

A unique event for women facing the difficult challenges of cancer treatment.  We want to help you forget for a day, to meet others on the same journey and, together, to indulge in some of the healthy, sensory-beautiful aspects of simply living.

Monday February 22, 2016
10:00 am – 3:00 pm

The MY DAY Agenda

Arrival 9:45 am
Welcome and The Plan for the Day

Stretch, Stroll or Ski
Join a yoga class, take a walk or cross country ski on the trails

Time to Hot Tub, enjoy a hot soak in the great outdoors and experience the calm quiet Hush of Winter!

Kick Back at the Fire Pit! Take your Mexican Hot Chocolate with Homemade Toasted Marshmallow or Mulled Apple Cider outdoors to the Fire Pit and cozy up, close your eyes, listen to crackle of the fire, sip and just let your mind wander……..

Let’s get girlie, hand massage and express mani!

Time to Lunch! Pick your favourite entrée from the list below and enjoy with Glass of VQA Wine, Bubbly, Local Craft Beer or Sparkling Water with a Handcrafted Artisan Lunch Menu featuring:

-Mango Shrimp Salad
red chili & lime shrimp/mango/pickled carrot & red onion radish/ mint/thai basil/toasted cashews/crispy taro root/vietnamese vinaigrette

-Retreat Cafe Sandwich
2 organic poached eggs/heirloom tomato/arugula/grilled avocado/ goat cheese red pepper eggplant puree/tomato butter/ served open faced on artisan bread, choice of chef inspired daily soup or café salad

-Asian Pear Panini
poached asian pear/st.honore triple cream brie/arugula/ balsamic syrup, choice of chef inspired daily soup or café salad

-Beet and Orange Carpaccio Salad
beet/orange/mixed greens/c’est bon goat cheese/basil/mint/tarragon/cilantro/dill/pistachio citrus vinaigrette

-Retreat Flatbread boursin cheese/thyme roasted potatoes/arugula/organic sunnyside up egg/ parmesan cheese, truffle oil choice of chef inspired daily soup or café salad

Chocolate Covered Strawberry/Mini Vanilla Bean Crème Brule/ Dark Chocolate Truffle and your choice of Retreat Café Specialty Coffee or Kimicha Tea