Workshop & Retreat

Welcome to a weekend of exquisite SELF-CARE, and so much LOVE, so much POSSIBILITY. You will be welcomed into a safe, sacred space filled with wholehearted, open-minded souls. Exclusive use of the historic Strathmere Inn becomes our cocoon for growth and transformation.

Desire Mapping. Meditation. Yoga. H’Art making. Connection. Outdoor hut tub soaks, campfire chats and more … Clarity + Action. Poetic to the practical.


We have goal setting and life planning backwards. We set goals, chase after them, achieve them (sometimes), and then hope, even pray … that when we get there, we’ll feel good.

What if first, we got clear on how we want to feel in our lives, THEN set our intentions, goals, and plans? What if the journey could feel as good as we want the destination to feel?

At the LEVEL 1 workshop you got clear on how you wanted to feel in each area of your life, you declared your Core Desired Feelings. You’ve been test-driving them. Refining them.
But now what?


At the LEVEL 2 workshop you will create goals with soul. You’re going to make connections between how you want to feel and what will actually help you to feel that way. You will step into your creative power and potential. This is an amazing part of the process. This is real-life magic.

When you get clear on how you want to feel AND you learn to generate those feelings, you take charge of your life and your happiness. This is the most consciously creative act of being human … and it’s truly liberating!

Your LEVEL 2 journey will include:

> Desire Mapping – Exercises, Journaling, Discussions, Coaching
> Guided Meditations
> Yoga practices (gentle flow, yin, restorative)
> h’Art making
> Hot tubbing
> Campfire chats
> Nourishing meals
> Connection
> Solo time to explore, reflect and walk in nature or indulge at the spa
… and so much more!

This process WILL not only light a spark, but ignite your life. From the inside out. You will feel confident about generating your core desires on the daily. You will watch as the journey begins to feels as good as the destination.

You will walk away with a personalized GPS for your soul, a guidance system for making more choices; liberating, inspiring, and nourishing your life from the inside out. Your core desired feelings will become the filter through which you make choices, set goals, and design your days, weeks, months, year, life.

You will turn the practice of goal setting into a liberating, soulful art. Learning how to plan your day, week, month, and year according to your most desired feelings = liberation.


It’s a challenge to carve out enough ME-time to get clear, go deep, and create a foundation for lasting changes. Investing in a weekend like this vs. piecemeal approach at home or attending a short workshop, is the difference between ‘being inspired’ and making inspired choices, resulting in a profoundly positive and, most importantly, a lasting impact on your life.

We will lovingly hold each other accountable. To listen. To trust. To open wide. To be vulnerable. To be creative. To speak our truth, our fear, our dreams, our desires. We will become each other’s cheerleaders and sounding boards. We will journey together, and be there for each other as we courageously step up and light up our lives. Intentional. Essential. YOU. Life lived. With Purpose. On Purpose.

Desire more? Ya, you do.


That’s the heart of it all.
Breathe in. Breathe out.
Let’s do this! You got this.

xo Kate


$510 per person + Gratuity on Meals & HST, Double Occupancy
$610 per person + Gratuity on Meals & HST, Single Occupancy

Package includes the following:

  • Desire Map + Yoga Workshop & Retreat fees, gifts, and supplies (you will receive an email from Kate closer to the event date with all pre-arrival considerations and prep)
  • Two nights’ accommodation
  • Lunch and Dinner on Saturday, April 22nd, and Lunch on Sunday, April 23rd. All other meals and snacks can be purchased through the Retreat Café (see below for more information). Gluten free and vegetarian options are available.
  • Use of Strathmere’s on site facilities, including outdoor hot tubs, nature trails and a bonfire on Saturday evening.
  • Arrive early on Friday and enjoy 15% off spa services and yoga classes at The Retreat at Strathmere (advanced reservations required)

Friday April 21: 6:00pm – 8:30pm
Saturday April 22: 11:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday April 23: 11:00am – 6:00pm

Reserve your spot: (613) 489-2409 or contact us online